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Forensic Evidence Analysis for Resolving Cyber-Bullying Cases

Cyber crime, the word that has threatened millions of computer users is not a new word for you. We know better that via malwares, unauthorized access, or halt others' work. Jessica, the girl who loves to play computer games also got stuck in a cyber crime situation when she received an email with the subject related to gaming. First she dint recognize what exactly the file includes but when, she came to know something wrong is there, she immediately got in touch with an email investigation officer. Cyber crime investigation officer helped her to find that what exactly the file contained. Forensic investigation of emails performed via MailXaminer tool.

You May Also Face the Issue – Get an Overview

After receiving that email Jessica while installed the game on her computer, she dint find any alert even her system was strictly protected with antivirus. Via malware installation someone accessed her computer and maintained a backdoor connection. When Jessica found that some files on her computer are relocated as well as security code for the computer was also broken then, she understood that her system is accessible to someone else.

It's Not Too Late for Email Examination

She went to a cyber crime investigation officer who helped Jessica to remove malware from her computer via help of an amazing solution named as MailXaminer. Let's see how cyber crime analysis performed by email investigation officer via this helpful tool Email examiner application first helped him to perform email search by name, subject, and received date. For email search, more options are availed in this tool.

Forensic investigation of emails is also possible with the application as it assisted for the same after winding up email search option. Proper procedure for searching evidences comes up to the crucial stage when cyber investigation officer check out the preview of examined emails. Via Hex view, email investigation officer found that email was packed with malware. Header view, MIME view, HEX view, Normal view, HTML view, and RTF view , these views are also availed with MailXaminer 

At last via extraction of email evidences, cyber crime investigator exported the email in MSG file format to wind up the email investigation properly

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The Tool Proved Helpful For Quick Email Examination

MailXaminer assisted to find the culprit who was accessing Jessica's system; finally we can say various facilities in our brilliant tool helped to break down backdoor connection. You can also take help of this tool when facing any annoying issue regarding cyber crime via misuse of emails.

Forensic Evidence Analysis Tool Was Utilized

MailXaminer software helped in thorough analyzing of the emails by providing information about its routing. The case resolved with the evidence that it was an ex-employee of the organization that was a complainant for a fraud case and was expelled from the company. With proper evidence collection, the case went on for court hearing where the crime was brought to justice.
At last via extraction of email evidences, cyber crime investigator exported the email in MSG file format to wind up the email investigation properly.